My Alcohol Addiction is ruining my Life.. Alcoholic at University.

an open letter (video) to my family and friends and to anyone who may be suffering from mental health like me..

((i will probably delete this video asap)) i don’t know if uploading this video of me just talking about how i feel will be the start i need to tackle my current mental health problems. i just can’t pretend that i’m okay for any longer. i’m so frightened i am going to lose my friends and they way they view me after this but i can’t let this spiral any more out of my control. i’m sorry if i’ve hurt you or let you down and i’m going to get better and change. love you all more than you know.

i suffer from binge eating disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, severe paranoia/anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, mild bipolar and self confidence issues – if anyone has any help or ideas for any of these health’ target=’_blank’> illness es, please get in touch, any help will be apprechiated so much x

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love H x



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