Hormonal Acne and Hyperpigmentation Skincare Routine for Giselle!

We’re back with another viewer skincare routine reaction! This week, I’m joined by Redondo Beach, CA dermatologist Annie Chiu, MD and we’re going to take a …



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  1. Note: If you dont have majorly oily skin and don't wear make up, you probably don't need to double cleanse. I double cleansed a couple days and it dried me out and broke out a bit :/. Getting back to normal

  2. Her skincare routine in the morning gave me anxiety! Way too many products! I feel like a more, dense routine is suitable at night when your sleeping when your skin repairs itself.

    In the morning I have zero time to do all that so I keep it super simple with a gentle cleanser, maybe a toner and then my sunscreen moisturizer. Boom. Done

  3. This is too much im sorry. Vitanin C is amaaaazing fyi

  4. Are these videos sponsored by Cerave? why is that the only recommended moisturizer for a number of videos

  5. Regular face cream is too heavy for under eyes which is why we have eye cream!

  6. Do u recommend retinol for teenagers?

  7. Lmao i LOVE that girl personality

  8. Mind blown with this sunscreen info….I think I need to go buy mineral sunscreen 🤯

  9. This is sooo useful to know… guys! You may of saved my life long battle with my skin… sooo helpful! Thank u!

  10. She has nothing to worry about. My acne is worse than hers.

  11. Another awesome video. Thank you!

  12. Please add English subtitle on your videos. Sometimes i couldn't understand your words. 🙁

  13. Just discovered your channel and I’m obsessed with it. Got a free pointers from this video. And for a doctor to make time to make videos is amazing. I’m taking notes.

  14. Her skin type is literally my skin type, thank you for this video!

  15. I get acne from jawline under and very few cases on my lower cheeks and lip area. I’m clear above my upper cheek to forehead. I hate neck acne so much!

  16. Could you do a video for guys? 😊♥️

  17. So if I use Differin everyday will my face really get used to it? I havent noticed a huge difference over two years

  18. This acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) is very ideal for my daughter that is why she definitely love it. We have previously expended a hefty amount of money using different acne treatments for more than a year now but none of which had worked. I am actually glad we discovered this guide. After a couple of days of using it, I noticed its difference and her acne had disappeared after a couple of weeks. .

  19. Would love to see some of the alternatives Dr. Chiu recommends in the description box! Like an aha+vitamin c serum (?) or a sunscreen/moisturizer

  20. Just throwing this out there because I have done a tone of research on diet/lifestyle changes and hormones. In addition to the usual (get sleep, exercise, drink water, etc) a higher fiber diet is really key for hormonal issues. Fiber binds with excess hormones and carries them out of the body. Also reducing or removing exogenous hormones (medications like the pill, animal milks, meat) and avoiding eating/drinking from plastic containers (the chemicals in these can mimic hormones). Avoid processed soy (look for things like soy protein isolate and soybean oil in the ingredients) but unprocessed soy like steamed edamame is actually great to help block excess hormones from being used so they can be flushed out (by the fiber!) I also suggest reducing/avoiding caffeine, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, etc. which can throw your hormones all off. High fat diets can cause your body to hold onto excess hormones so a low fat diet can help flush out the extra. Sorry, low carb/keto is the opposite of what your body needs to flush out excess hormones. I suggest whole food plant based instead, it's low fat, low processed, has no hormones and high in fiber. DO NOT start taking large dose herbal hormone correction products without consulting a really knowledgeable herbalist/naturopath first, this stuff can mess you all up if you don't know what you're doing. Hope this helps my fellow hormonal acne folks 🙂

  21. The dermatologist reminds me of Adrienne Maloof!? Great video!! Fantastic knowledge

  22. Love these series what’s a good lip hydrating product to use at night?

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